CV María D. Lozano

Dra Lozano

María D. Lozano

MD: University of Navarra.

PhD: University of Navarra

Pathology Training: Department of Pathology. Clínica Universidad de Navarra. Pamplona. Spain.

Post doctoral studies: Postdoctoral Research Associate. University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Pathology and Microbiology. Omaha, NE. USA.

Associate Professor of Pathology at University of Navarra.

President of the Spanish Society of Cytopathology.

Director of the Department of Pathology of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra. Director of cytopathology and molecular pathology in cytology.

Pathologist of the translational research team of the immuno-oncology group for the development and clinical application of immunotherapies mediated by monoclonal antibodies in cancer.


Active member of SEAP (Sociedad Española de Anatomía Patológica), SEC (President Sociedad Española de Citología), ESP (European Society of Pathology and Member of the Cytopathology Working group), ASC American Society of Cytopathology , IAC (International Academy of Cytology).

Member of Editorial boards of Several journals: Cytopathology, Journal of Molecular Pathology, Frontiers in Medicine-Advances in Molecular cytopathology), Diagnostic Cytopathology.

As researcher, Dr. Lozano is part of multidisciplinary teams within the university itself, as well as national and international levels. She has greater interest and extensive experience in new approaches of FNAB and the development and application of molecular techniques in cytological samples and small samples by obtaining material using minimally invasive methods. She is deeply involved in the study of tumor microenvironment in lung and pancreatic tumors. She dedicates also to surgical pathology of Lung and Mediastinum.

Dr. Lozano has written more than 140 articles in national and international scientific journals.  H index: 27. More than 400 communications to meetings. Numerous lectures given, as well as FNA courses and molecular biology applied to cytopathology.